Tropical Invasion 2014


We will again be raising funds to support We Care of Gundy County. This tropical block party will have a new location in Morris, IL this year. Live music from Johnny Russler and the Beach Bum Band will again rock downtown Morris! The fun starts at 4:00 pm. There will be a variety of adult and children activities. You don’t want to miss this!!!!

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Cornfed ParrotHead Tropical Invasion 2014 Sponsors

The kind people and businesses below have been instrumental in making our event a reality.  Please support them all by offering your patronage in the future.

Parrot Sponsors


First Place Oils     Braidwood, IL


Coal City Dental  Coal City, IL


Cardinal Transport   Coal City IL


Funk Trailer Sales  Morris, IL


Bob’s Advanced Auto  Coal City, IL


Coldwell Banker,  Lori Bonarek – Broker Morris, IL


 Macaw Sponsors


Mueller Custom Cabinetry      Mazon, IL


Canal Port Home Inspections   Morris, IL


Apple Butter & Shugies          Morris, IL


J & M Auto Body   Mark Washburn


526 Bedford Road

Morris, IL 60450


Carroll Construction Supply  Frankfort, IL


D Construction Coal City IL


Rachetti’s Café & Pizzeria      Coal City, IL


Morris Veterinary Hospital     Morris, IL


Chamlin & Associates  Morris, IL


 Parakeet Sponsors


Metlife    Ariel Bjelland


105 E. Main St. #306

Morris, IL


Vote Dave Rules for President 2016

Service Industrial  Shorewood, IL    815-725-0062


Stumble Inn  Godley IL.

Special Thanks to those who have donated time, merchandise, materials, equipment and helped in so many other ways!!!

Brothers Country Supply    Morris, IL     815-941-4227


Honest Abes Tap & Grill   Morris, IL        815-941-2485 


Boz Hot Dogs    Morris, IL      815-942-4001 


City of Morris, May Richard P. Kopczick  815-942-5438

Walmart Supercenter    Morris, IL   815-942-6306


WCSJ/WJDK   Morris, IL 815-941-1000


West Side Liquors   Morris, IL 815-942-8494


Big R   Morris, IL    815- 942-2153


We Care of Grundy County   815-942-6389


Stott Contracting  Morris, IL   815- 942-0785


K.J. McKeons Bar  Morris, IL  815-941-2100


Feeney Package Liquor   Morris, IL 815-942-0035


Margaritaville Foods  LLC    Margaritaville, USA


Johnny Russler & The Beach Bum Band


Lakeshore Beverage

2064 W 167th St, Markham, IL 60428

708- 798-4770


Bogies Sports Bar Morris, IL.


Brandt’s Body Shop Morris, IL.



Chicago Pizza Department Morris, IL.

Clayton’s Tap Morris, IL


Ebbey George’s Morris, IL.


Four Seasons Liquor Morris, IL.


Greenhorn Saloon  Morris, IL.


Griffin’s Pint Morris, IL


Grundy Bank Morris, IL


“Jambo” Joe Bones


Joe Lyman  Joliet, IL

D Joe Entertainment  Music Entertainment and Light Shows



Joliet Herald News


Marnie Lietz – Aaarrggghhhh


Midwest Sign Works Morris, IL 


Morris Cruise Nights


Morris Daily Herald

Morris Downtown Development



Morris Liquor



Babes Tap Coal City


Brent Burns


Dairy Queen  Diamond, IL


Dave Herzog, Island Time Band



Diane “Greenwoman”


Diamond Liquor & The other bar and grill


Jeff Harris


Jerry Diaz & Hanna’s Reef



Meijer Plainfield IL



Midwest Sound and Lights



Morris Liquor

Red Cent Pub and Grill




Robert Mau  Plainfield, IL


Spiveys Coal City, IL

Last but certainly not least all of our phellow club members who have helped in so many ways to make this a successful event!!!  Phins up to all of you!!!

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2nd Annual Tropical Invasion

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Cinco De Mayo Beach Bash!

The Cornfed Parrotheads and Victory Lanes present Johnny Russler and the Beach Bum Band!



Saturday May 4th   -  6pm  –  CLOSE

Johnny Russler and The Beach Bum Band  will start at 8 pm

Event location:

Victory Lanes (Bowling Alley & Bar)

410 East Mazon Avenue   (the corner of Route 47 & 17)

Dwight, IL 60420

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New 2013 Application Posted!

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